Golf Professional John R. Stankov



Golf Professional John R. Stankov
  • San Diego Golf Academy Graduate - Associates Degree
  • PGA  Southern California - former
  • SDGA - Players Credential Award 
  • SDGA - Golf Club Design & Repair Certificate 
  • PGA of Ontario Class B Apprentice - former
  • Taylor Made Tech Rep - former
  • Mohawk College - Health, Wellness & Fitness Diploma
  • ​PGA of America -Teaching & Coaching Summit Certificates
  • Dynacraft Newark, Ohio USA Club Making Institute Certificate
  • R&A  USGA  Golf Canada - Rules of Golf  LVL 2
  • Mohawk College - Varsity Golf Team Assistant Coach - former
  • Head Coach Junior Golf Instruction -The Golfer's Academy

​​​​Caddying for my Dad,

"Alright, my boy, time to get up and ready. Put on some warm clothes – two pairs of socks, long johns, a heavy sweater, and a toque. Don't forget your mittens. The first tee is calling, so let's get going!" urged my father. Rising early at 6:00 am, regardless of the weather, could be challenging for a young one, but witnessing my Dad on the first tee, unleashing the Big Dog made it all worthwhile!

My First Ace,

At the age of 12, I achieved my first hole-in-one during a father-and-son Golf Tournament. Experiencing the certainty that the ball would find its way into the hole before I even swung was a defining moment. The overwhelming sense of confidence, balance, and connection to the target made it clear to me that the game of golf was truly extraordinary!

Saving up for School,

Following my high school graduation, I spent two years working in a factory to accumulate the necessary funds for enrollment at the San Diego Golf Academy. Upon completion, I earned an associate degree in Golf Operations and Management and proudly joined the PGA Southern California. Along the way, I achieved certificates in Custom Club Design and Repair, received awards in Verbal Communications, and earned a Tournament Players Credential. Maintaining an SCGA index of 0.2, I also achieved my second hole-in-one during my first-semester tournament.

Academic & Experiential Education,

During my time at the Academy, I honed my skills under the guidance of PGA Tour Star Don Whitt, LPGA Louise Bruce Parks, and esteemed golf instructor Aj Bonar. I garnered certifications from numerous PGA Teaching and Coaching Summits led by influential figures such as Dr. Gary Wiren, Jim Flick, Jim McLean, David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Dr. Rick Jensen, Dr. Bob Rotella, and Fred Shoemaker, among others. Additionally, I participated in professional tournaments alongside skilled players from the PGA of America and the PGA of Canada, gaining valuable insights into the essential qualities needed for successful tournament play.

Learn to Love Golf!

I persistently pursue the highest standards of education to refine my teaching approaches. Recently, I completed my studies at Mohawk College in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness Program. With this expanded knowledge, my teaching toolkit now encompasses the ability to implement exercise programs, nutritional plans, and wellness strategies tailored to clients with diverse fitness levels. In my interactions, you'll often hear my mantra: "I wish to offer you a higher quality of life and a spectacular game of golf!" My teaching philosophy and enthusiasm are dedicated to prioritizing the individual goals of each student-athlete and facilitating their achievement.